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    Vancouver Marathon features Peel n’ Snack eggs.

    May 01, 2011

    On Sunday May 1st, Vancouver Marathon participants were rewarded with a nutritious, high protein snack by Vanderpol’s Eggs. Vanderpol's Peel n’ Snack eggs are hard cooked and packaged in twos with the shell on, in a clear PVC plastic clam shell and they even include individually packaged salt and pepper packets. For many runners this was their first exposure to the hard-boiled egg snack and they were greeted with rave reviews! Finally a nutritious alternative to empty calorie snack foods!

    Look for Vanderpol's Peel n’ Snack at your local Thrifty Food store.

    Egg Whites – Not just for Body Builders Anymore.

    Apr 01, 2011

    More and more consumers are realizing the nutritional benefits of egg whites - one of the purest and most versatile forms of protein in the world.

    People on the go, sports enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and nutritionally conscious people alike all see the benefits of liquid egg whites. Nutritionally, liquid egg whites are known as one of the purest forms of protein in the world - 100% pure protein and 100% bioavailable, no fat, and no cholesterol.

    Egg whites are also incredibly versatile - of course they make great omelettes! Also, egg whites can be used in any cooking or baking recipe (in place of whole eggs). Plus, you can add egg whites to almost any drink without changing the flavour. What better way to get protein into your diet - in the morning cereal, orange juice, fruit and yogurt smoothies! Let your kids try it too - they’ll love it!

    Vanderpol's liquid egg whites and Organic egg whites are available at local retailers in convenient 500 ml screw top cartons. Also look for Gold Egg and Maple Hill brands. 

    Natural Products Expo in Anaheim Sets Records.

    Mar 10, 2011

    Natural Products Expo 2011

    There were a record number of exhibits this year at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, California. The healthy lifestyle marketplace continues to grow significantly as consumers constantly look for healthier, more nutritious, more unique products and ingredients, all of which are environmentally responsible.

    Vanderpol’s New Product Development team was in attendance at the Natural Products Expo researching new ideas and trends to ensure we lead the changing demands of the food industry, allowing us to serve our customers with new ideas, new ingredients and process improvements!



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