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Vanderpol's Eggs Hollandaise Sauce

Vanderpol’s ready-to-serve Hollandaise sauce is heat-stable and made with natural ingredients!
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Vanderpol's Eggs Bearnaise Saice

Fresh, heat-stable Béarnaise sauce made with fresh egg yolk, real butter flavour, tarragon and other herbs and spices. Free samples now available!
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Vanderpol's Eggs Liquid Egg White

Fresh egg whites separated from the yolk and pasteurized to maintain product quality and integrity.
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Vanderpol's Eggs

Making good better.

Welcome. Vanderpol's Eggs is a family owned and operated egg processor dedicated to the development and delivery of innovative, functional egg solutions to our valued customers and industry partners for over 50 years. Together, we're making good better.


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Industrial Products at Vanderpols Eggs

For over 50 years we’ve served some of the key food manufacturers in Canada.
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Food Service at Vanderpols Eggs

Working collaboratively with the food service industry helps us understand its demands.
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Retail Products at Vanderpols Eggs

Our retail products include liquid egg whites and ready-to-eat hard boiled eggs.
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